Our Response to COVID-19

keep breathing Spreezy

At Spreezy Mart, we're committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees, and communities. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, most Spreezy Mart locations remain open for you to exercise your Spreedom®. Please find helpful information about how we're working with our franchisees to continue operating safely and Spreevent® the spread of COVID-19.

  • Following All Mask Mandates

    • Except Nic, he's cool

  • Enhanced Cleaning Practices

    • Now using soap

  • To Help Protect Against Contamination:

    • Clerks now avoid eye contact with customers

  • To Help Protect Against Community Spread:

    • Use of visual floor markers for social distancing and/or games of Twister.

    • Use of temporary plexiglass screens at our registers, great for ping pong.

    • Hand sanitizer is available in all Spreezy Mart stores (usually in the bathroom but sometimes I forget to refill it).

  • Supply Chain Issues

    • Please stop calling us asking about Flaming Hot Cheerios. We do not expect that product to be available anytime soon.

In the event of store closures and/or changes to the hours of operation due to government mandates, updates will be added below (if I don't forget the password).

We are committed to remaining flexible and adapting to the impacts of COVID-19 so we can continue providing the level of service you have come to expect (which is a low bar, let's be fair).

Take it Spreezy,